Saturday, September 17, 2011


There's some rotten corrupt
Mother Fuckers in the Oklahoma
Political and Police systems

Rotten corrupt motherfuckers
Who think they're above the law
Who think they can get away with it
No matter what anybody saw

They're small minded and petty
They are arrogant beyond belief
They don't care if they bring misery
They don't care if they bring grief

They believe in nothing
Except power over somebody else
All they truly care about is
What can I get for myself

They con and hustle themselves
Till they numb themselves to the pain
Of their own shallow callousness
Till they have no honor or shame

They have their sycophant followers
They have their enabling fools
Who freeze out and go silent if you
Should mention they're breaking rules

There is no equality of freedom
Just are you on the priviliged power team
Which side are you on
The nightmares or the dreams

They have no higher thoughts
Consequences is all they'll understand
Severe consequences Severe consequences
Is all that will disrupt a woman or man

In love with their own rotten excuse making
petty selfish arrogant smug contemptuous
Evil sick slick self glorifying mean ugly dismissive
Minimizing everybody does it I'm just better at it

Corrupt plans

10:47 pm
transcribed this time
11:15 pm


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